Best of Pole

The very best pole videos — these are the “must sees” for every fan of pole. We published the original group of 10 videos on January 1, 2020 in chronological order. Occasionally we might add more, but it will always remain an extreme short-list, featuring only the best of pole.*

* Naturally, all lists of this kind — “Top 100 Rock Songs,” etc. — risk seeming idiosyncratic at best, or arbitrary at worst. So here’s a few remarks to clarify our intended aim and scope:

  • Our goal is to show, not merely the best pole performances, but rather the best pole performance videos. Sadly, many of the best pole performances have been captured by videos whose quality was insufficient for inclusion.
  • The unspoken and tautologous disclaimer is that our list only includes videos we know about. Although we have watched tons of pole videos over the years, we obviously have not seen all of them.
  • We have limited each performer to a single video. So although (for example) every performance by Natalia Tatarintseva is a must-see, we only include one of her videos here.
  • We have not included exotic routines, for two reasons. First, we lack the expertise to assess them. Second, exotic dance is sufficiently distinct as a genre that relative assessments of exotic routines and athletic routines are impossible. (“Apples and oranges,” etc.)