• PolePedia posted this: 3 weeks, 3 days ago

    In pole dancing, one of the largest disconnects we come across – as students and as instructors – is learning different mechanics, moves, routines, and so on the way that we need to learn them.

    As a student, it can be hard to figure out why we aren’t able to ace a move or grasp an idea. At a certain point, you might hit a plateau and feel like you’re waiting for those few bits of knowledge to “click.” That’s where your learning language comes in.

    As an instructor, in addition to reading the individual skill levels, coming up with a curriculum, and running each class, it’s also important to understand each person’s learning style.

    One or two people may be struggling to understand a concept you’re teaching that the rest of the class has gotten, and while it is partially their own journey to trek and understand the concept internally, you – as an instructor – can also be aware and do your best to teach in their learning style and help coax out that magical internal “click” that ties all the information together.

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