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    posted a photo

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    Flexibility challenge starts tomorrow 💪

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    @gina Pretty sure they closed down a long time ago! (That’s the rumor, anyways.)

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    Hey everybody... here’s the link to my interview world famous pole dancer/ recent Australia’s Got Talent winner Kristy Sellars! It was just posted on the Pole Con International website!!!! Let me know what you think <3

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    Just had another post shadowbanned on Instagram.

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    &nbTeddy Variation 😊sp;

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     ça fait

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    Ahh my first pole photo shoot using Polesilks!! I loved doing this, what was your fav pic from a photoshoot?

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    Preparing for the Chrome Chronicles Book release! The behind the scenes work is so consuming. The CC Book Team is so grateful to have Mari Ferrari to help with fielding many questions and laying out the book. Next step is mine; printing and distributing. HERE WE GOOO!!! Crossing fingers it is printed in time to make its big debut at the Pole and Performing Art sponsor table at the Central Pole Championships in Chicago at the Beverly Arts Center, May 25-26, 2019.

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