• Lori Glaza posted this: 1 day, 21 hours ago

    Lori-Lu Hustles Harder✨

    Shadow banning is affecting the visibility of the whole pole community, but today We Are Going On Strike!

    Pole profiles and posts LIKE MINE FROM THIS MORNING are being hidden all over the world by Instagram through the unfair censorship of shadow banning. Please visit my IG profile and tell me if my video is inappropriate or not. 📵 If you want to learn more about the unfair censorship of pole dancers…please search the #ipolebecause & #hustlersmovie hashtags on INSTAGRAM and


    Last month, there was a mass banning of pole related hashtags including #poleinstructor , #poleathlete , hashtags for our moves that were labeled #pd and even our protest hashtag #shadowpolers .
    Lamenting about our situation, myself and a group of outstanding pole dancers formed #teamliftthepoleban to fight back against this unfair censorship.

    Realizing that the hashtag for #femalefitness was banned while #malefitness wasn’t. The entire pole community got creative and decided to post ALL our pole posts under the hashtag #malefitness until we got IG’s attention (it didn’t take long). They apologized and temporarily reinstated many of our hashtags, but they immediately went back to the same shadow banning tactics against pole dancers.

    You don’t have to be a pole dancer to support this protest, because it’s not just affecting us.

    Let’s teach everyone interested in Hustlers how Instagram is hiding pole dancers in the shadows 👤👥👤👥👤👥👤👥👤#whatswrongwithbeingconfident #femalefitness (that used to be banned by IG) #workoutpartners #strongwomen #girlswholift #dancepartners #lorilu #ibelieveinyouandme