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  • Hey everybody… here’s the link to my interview world famous pole dancer/ recent Australia’s Got Talent winner Kristy Sellars! It was just posted on the Pole Con International website!!!! Let me know what you think <3 htt…[Read more]

  • Lori-Lu Hustles Harder✨

    Shadow banning is affecting the visibility of the whole pole community, but today We Are Going On Strike!

    Pole profiles and posts LIKE MINE FROM THIS MORNING are being hidden all over the world by Instagram through the unfair censorship of shadow banning. Please visit my IG profile and tell me if my video is…

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  • Hello There Pole Family ✨💗✨
    Just reaching out to ask if you would like to join a protest against Instagram’s censorship of pole dancers this week?

    Recently, pole dancers whose content has been labeled ‘inappropriate’ and demoted/banned/blocked by Instagram despite not being in breach of Instagram community guidelines have decided to organ…[Read more]

  • Lori Glaza posted this: 10 months ago

    My article on shadow banning of the pole community is now on the Pole Con International website 👩‍💻📲🗣

    This is part of a larger campaign to bring awareness and understanding of the whole pole community!

  • Here’s a news story about Instagram’s shadow banning of the pole community!

  • Lori Glaza replied to the topic Shadow Banning 2019 in the forum Pole Conversations 1 year ago

    Thank you for sharing your valuable thoughts on the issue. My post from lori_lu_poledancer on IG was banned this morning, and i had to change it to black and white and drop some content to be acceptable. We all have to stand up and speak out, or it will get worse. Trying to contact the media to spread awareness of this unfair censorship. In the…[Read more]

  • Lori Glaza posted this: 1 year ago

    Beyond excited to be invited to perform at Pole Con International 2019 ☂️ My umbrella and i will be in the Up and Coming Stars Showcase! It’s a real thrill and a tremendous honor to share the stage with some of the biggest names in pole. Look out Denver, Lori-Lu is gonna make it rain &…

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  • Lori Glaza replied to the topic Shadow Banning 2019 in the forum Pole Conversations 1 year ago

    MANY pole dancers on IG and FB are understandably upset over the recent shadow banning of the pole community. Lets work together to spread awareness and create meaningful change!

    If you’re looking for things YOU can do to help;

    This is an informative article about the reason pole dancers around the world are experiencing unfair censorship on…[Read more]

  • Lori Glaza posted this: 1 year ago

    Here’s a link to my Youtube clip of me singing acapella WHILE pole dancing!
    For the past two years i have been training and conditioning my body to sing while pole dancing. Today, as i reflect on all the challenges i’ve faced that made me who i am…. there are no regrets. This is me. In my life, i’ve learned to take whatever difficulties i was…[Read more]

  • Lori Glaza posted this: 1 year ago

    This photograph of me pole dancing in roller skates is going to be featured in the book Chrome Chronicles of the Midwest!
  • Can we please talk about shadow banning? Since so many people in the pole dance community are complaining about being shadow banned on Instagram (i have 0 hashtag privileges anymore) this forum seems like a perfect place to organize, swap experience, and share contact information to support ourselves while our content is censored. Shadow banning…[Read more]

  • @mawepoleaddict
    If i start a conversation on shadow banning, will you please post this petition? Currently lost ALL my hashtag privileges over the battle of the ban, and i’m going to fight like hell until we’re recognized. What’s your IG handle so i can follow you?

  • Lori Glaza posted this: 1 year ago

    Sorry, no scandalous pictures here.. just little old me doing some knitting. Knit 1, Purl 1, Pole 1…. Wishing my picture took up the whole screen, but my hands are tied. The nitwits at Instagram have shadow-banned me to the point my posts aren’t even on the #shadowpolers hashtag, so i guess i have to put up with it in order to succeed despite…

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  • @avlbargirl
    If i click on your profile pick, i can comment. Same if you upload a photo. Hope the information is helpful 🙂

  • Lori Glaza posted this: 1 year ago

    Currently suffering from some serious censorship on IG, so i started a profile here to celebrate and advocate for all my pole dancing friends <3 Feel free to find me on IG @lori_Lu_poledancer or FB to help me battle the dreaded shadow ban!
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