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  • Hi everybody, I wanted to warn everybody about I spent a really long time, maybe the last year and a half or more, sending emails and trying to finish my certification and was under the impression that they had maybe gone out of business. However a friend of mine had the idea to write to them as a new customer asking if they were…

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    • Oh my goodness! So sorry to hear you’ve had to go through this, that’s ridiculous treatment of people. I’ll bet you’re frustated beyond belief! Hope you get somewhere, really soon and Thank you for sharing. ♡ x

  • @staff hi, thanks so much for your answer. I wanted to let you guys know that there seems to be more to this situation. I’m attaching an image of an email exchange a friend of mine had with them, as you can see, they answer quickly if they see a potential new customer and disappear the moment they are called out on not answering emails.
  • @gina
    Pretty sure they closed down a long time ago! (That’s the rumor, anyways.)

  • Hello everyone!! does anybody know if pole and is still working? I’ve been trying to contact them for months without any answer and my time to take my certification exam is almost up! Help please!”

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