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  • Is anyone here gone through the liquid motion certification? If so, can I ask a few questions pls?

  • Would LOVE to book a shoot with this Company!

  • Do any Studio Owners have workshops/ bootcamps/ or retreats coming up in August/ early Sept? I would like to train intensively for a couple weekd. I may go to Pole Fitness in Vegad, as they offer unlimited monthly classes and I can create an individualized program, but I am checking around to see what other studies may have to offer. Thanks!

  • I want to take liquid motion classes, and get certified, but there is no training remotely near me.
    I am so frustrated living in a town that doesn’t offer pole fitness or the like. I want to travel so bad.

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    They say Time is the only way to get rid of DOMS, but you can engage in some self-care activities to help ease the pain and stiffness while you wait for your muscles repair themselves. Using your foam roller is one helpful activity.
    You can also self-massage, or receive a message 24-48 hours after your workout. Applying Menthol Topical…[Read more]

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    I am interested in being a student if you set something up.please let me know if you do!

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    When is the big announcement going to be made?

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  • Is anyone interested in sharing a room at the Hard Rock Hotel for the pole.convention? Or maybe even has an extra room for rent near the convention? I want to go but would need to cut down on traveling and accommodation expenses. I have other upcoming trips and would love to fit this in if I can. If you are looking to share room expenses, etc,…[Read more]

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