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    Great trening, Top instruktors, lot's of smile😊with new friends...from all over the world❤ @alexpolecamp ❤ Lloret de mar ❤

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    A few months ago I asked myself: what can I do to be a better poledancer? The obvious answer is: get more training days. I have already trained 3-6h per week. And I have normal job, home responsibilities, dog... Crap. No time for more training days. And then I found yoga - with all it's goods: breathing, meditation, sequences. And then a little bit of magic happened. I still have 3-6h of training. But the quality changed, my mind has changed. I'm focused and self-disciplined. I can do more in the same time. Do u need to get better faster? Learn to be focused, learn to REALLY BE there. #mindfullness #progress

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    Strained Pectoral and I'm over here trying to get it back. Few days prior I couldn't get my feet off the ground.

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    Bali Pole Camp December 1-8 , 2019 Registration is open 🙂

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    I’m having a little break😝 #dystoniaawareness

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    Some low flow choreography 💗e nbsp;

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    After 4 months I have got this 😍



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