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    Hi there!

    How do you get rid of DOMS? I train circa 6 hours per week and 2-3 hours from this is stretching. I also use foam roller after more than 3hours at once, but still have problem with that feeling of fragile and painful muscles sometimes.

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    They say Time is the only way to get rid of DOMS, but you can engage in some self-care activities to help ease the pain and stiffness while you wait for your muscles repair themselves. Using your foam roller is one helpful activity.
    You can also self-massage, or receive a message 24-48 hours after your workout. Applying Menthol Topical analgesics on sore areas had helped me a lot.
    A cold/ice water bath is popular among athletes, or (I prefer) a warm bath if an ice bath sounds too daunting.
    Moist heating pads are an alternative method to a warm bath.
    Eating anti-inflammatory foods is especially helpful.
    Always keep moving, gently, or pain and stiffness will only get worse. Do some light stretching or yoga is extremely effective and way better than sitting, even if all you want to do is lounge around.
    These methods work for me, but there are many more ideas online. I hope that helps!

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    Pepper pepspole


    Hope you are well? increasing my protein intake and using a magnesium spray helped my recovery. Maybe get a nutritionist who can support you and your recovery further ❤.

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