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      Lori Glaza

      Hello There Pole Family ✨💗✨
      Just reaching out to ask if you would like to join a protest against Instagram’s censorship of pole dancers this week?

      Recently, pole dancers whose content has been labeled ‘inappropriate’ and demoted/banned/blocked by Instagram despite not being in breach of Instagram community guidelines have decided to organize and mobilize in response to the shadow ban.

      Last month 18,000 of us petitioned Instagram and won an apology – but the shadowbanning/ post/tag-hiding/censorship continues to this very day.

      Currently enlisting pissed off pole dancers who are interested in making a post about why pole dancing is important to them on Friday the 13th (the day the new pole dance movie Hustlers premieres) using the hashtag #ipolebecause as well as the official hashtag for the film #hustlersmovie . Advising we use no other pole related hashtags to avoid being shadow banned. Feel free to invite your pole pals to participate. Feel free to share this message too.

      Seems like Instagram and society could benefit from learning the reasons that we are so proud to pole dance. Maybe if they knew us better, perhaps they wouldn’t be so quick to shove us in the shadows.

      If you would like to tell the world all the reasons why you love pole dance on Friday the 13th, maybe we can inspire understanding of this misunderstood medium.

      P.S. Instagram took my availability to direct message people…. please share this message to your pole pals, pole wear companies, competitions, clubs, dance studios and anywhere we can find allies who would like to join us in the Battle of the Shadow Ban!

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