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      Hello Pole Ladys

      Do you have any experience with injuries caused by pole dance?
      Any tips how to prevent them as well as excercises for the strengthening?
      And maybe any for healing them?

      I will start: I have pain in my shoulder. Sometimes it’s okay, sometimes it feels completely blocked. Do you have any tips ? Maybe special excercises?

      Thank you !!!

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      Evelina Chonos

      Sometimes my left shoulder does the same thing and series of “wall stretches to fix tight shoulders” helped me a lot. Some of them can be done against the pole. Hope this helps 🙂

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      Réka Bökfi


      I had issues with my shoulder too. I suggest everyone to visit a physio. That was what I did when the problem reoccured all the time. For example she gave me some rotator cuff strenghtening exercises, thoracic mobility exercises, and we talked a little bit about shoulder positioning. Focusing on these exercises for only one month made a huge difference for me. And since then I’m doing these as prehab exercises as often as I can.
      You can find a lot of great videos on Youtube too, and they are awesome if you want to understand your body and your injuries more, but you can save some time of research if you go to a physio.

      I hope it helps 🙂

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      Firstly, thank you, for the answers!

      Unfortunately I was two times at a physio(two different) and two times at an orthopaedist. Both helped me for a few weeks, in the end it started to hurt again.

      I will look for some exercises. Thank you:)

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