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      Hello Pole dancers 💃
      Yesterday I got a feedback of a friend of mine. She said: She would like my dancing more, if I danced a little faster.

      And I dont know what to think about it 🙈
      I prefere to dance slower but to maybe do the lines cleaner if you understand what I mean 😂 I dont want to rush through..

      How do you handle feedbacks?
      What would you do?

      Thanks and my regards Mü

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      It depends on what “faster” mean – but it’s true that usually choreo looks better if there are slower and faster parts, so we can show our precision and our dynamic abilities 😉

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      Marte Flateland

      I think the best part of pole is the diversity of styles, but I got to admit I easily get bored by slow choreo’s and rarely watch more than a couple seconds of them when scrolling social media…

      On the other hand I admire their patience, but you need to be extremely skillful to capture me by a slow routine.

      I recommend keeping your personal style thpugh, but experiment with snippets of other styles perhaps😉

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      I think it’s also very important
      – WHO says this
      – HOW it was said and
      – what is your INTENTION – what do you want to achieve with the dance.

      If this someone is your trainer, or if you’re preparing for a competition, then this is an important thought you might consider.

      But if a friend says it – I know she means only good for you – but usually friends don’t step into our shoes, they look from their own perspective.

      So I would say: tape yourself, see how you’re doing and if you really think your friend has a point, then change things. Otherwise not.

      Because if you’re dancing for your own joy, then the most important thing is how you FEEL when the music takes you away, and not how it looks. When you’ll start dancing more often, you’ll improve and you’ll start taking care also about how it looks – but never neglect the liberating feeling while you’re dancing.

      Hope I’ve helped you a bit 🙂

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      Thank you girls for your opinion its nice to have some other opinions <3

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      Rafaela Montanaro

      I believe every feedback is valid with a grain of salt. It will always be the vision of whoever said it, and who’s to say what is is really better? I tend to listen to feedback from people I respect of course, but many times the more honest “feedbacks” will be from people who don’t like you. In the end you need to have your own feedback on the feedback given lol

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      Thanks for your words 😊

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