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      Pole Press Staff

      Welcome to our new “Pole Conversations” forum, where everyone can create any Topic they want! We’re going to start this first Topic ourselves — just to break the ice 🙂 — with this question by @quaddoll:

      What’s your favorite grip aid!? I’m slipping off the bar so bad! Any tips would be appreciated!!! Thank you! — @quaddoll

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      Lea LeVega


      I’ve used many grip aids but I think my personal favorites are dry hands (for sweaty days), girlie grip (for normal days) and Cramer’s for dry skin days.

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      Jennifer Lestage

      After trying a bunch I really like “Liquid Grip”. Seems to work the best for me. During performances I also Dew Point my inner thighs.

      Liquid Grip

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      Emily Gunter

      I use dry hands, and then dew point for my legs, especially in the winter when my skin is too dry.

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      I use tite grip and dirty girl poletice for my hands and for my body I like dancing dust (which also is glitter <3) and the body sorbet from body shop.

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      Platinum Grip and Dry Hands are two of my faves!

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      I love and simply can’t go without it especially in winter: HYDRO ATTACK for body grip and just plain alcohol for hand grip

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      I used to use Dry Hands when dancing on brass poles. At the moment I have a stainless steel pole and Beal Pure Grip is incredible!

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      Sue (Polesilks) Colebourne

      A very interesting topic “Grip Aids”

      As the owner of PoleSilks and PoleAmorUK I’ve tried them all and sold them all,
      and in my opinion, it’s always best to carry a few in your pole bag, as the changes in our skin
      due to what we eat & drink, the ambient temperature as well as the temperature of the poles, the studio
      you are in all play a major factor.

      Dryhands was one of the best sellers from my site, supplying not only the UK
      but the right across Europe. Maybe your not aware but DH has been getting very hard to come by in the UK
      and along with shipping and taxes making it not cost effective for me to import and sell, so I have spent the last
      2+ years with a chemist and developed my own formula of grip called PoleGrip.

      I have tested over 29 different formula’s with 5 elite pole athletes, one of them being Imogen Gunter,
      the others I can name due to confidentiality, 8 studio owners and over 100 polers to make sure that PoleGrip
      was the right grip for the job and not only did I want to make it vegan-friendly but it was important it did
      not contain harsh chemicals or scents, as these are extremely bad for not only us but also the environment.

      All the feedback has been very positive and many saying its as good as if not better than dryhands.
      Maybe you have tried it? If not maybe you would like to?

      I would love to know your thoughts.

      Sue ♥

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      My other half just bought me the lupitpole grip for me to test out, will update after I’ve tested it out.

      I suffer super bad with sweaty hands so praying that this is the answer!

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      Giovanni ILonka

      Hi to all polers!
      Im still new with pole dance and still struggle with my grip sometimes,ive been trying to use dry hands,corn huskers,itac2 roll on,and mighty grip gloves with tack,but still same slippery.i had some sweaty and oily hands there any tips from all of u who had this problems too?n what grip aids to use?
      Thank you

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      Did you see that there is already a topic with grip aids?
      Maybe you can find some advice there.

      I use Tite Grip and Dirty Girl poletice which help you to sweat less..

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