Olympia Hosts First Pole Competition

The most significant event in the history of pole sports took place last September, as the world-famous Olympia included a pole competition for the first time in its 54-year history — Oksana Grishina’s OG Pole Fitness at Olympia.

Originally founded in 1965 purely as a bodybuilding competition, over the years Olympia has expanded into a general fitness festival encompassing a broad range of fitness-related sports and activities. The modern Olympia’s mainstream character is underscored by the size and scope of its recent sponsors, most notably Amazon and Walmart.

Olympia is the premiere event in the global fitness industry, its stage having launched the careers of many international celebrities: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Cory Everson, Lou Ferrigno, and Ashley Kaltwasser, to name a few. One of those celebrities is Oksana Grishina, who won Olympia’s fitness division four straight years (2014-17) and is universally regarded as “The Greatest of All Time” in the sport of competitive fitness. Fittingly, Oksana is the organizer of the Olympia pole competition, through her OG Pole Fitness organization.

Because of its momentousness for the history of pole sports, we here present the inaugural 2018 OG Pole Fitness at Olympia in its entirety, arranged in chapters according to chronological order. And for posterity’s sake — spoiler alert! — the final placements were:

  1. Tara Meyer (Canada)
  2. Sallye Fox (USA)
  3. Ashley Fox (USA)
  4. Nina Zamora (El Salvador)
  5. Tie: Eunji Jeong (S. Korea) & Vanessa Leen (France)
  6. Jessica Anderson-Gwin (USA)
  7. Megan Thompson (USA)
  8. Nyancy Ly (USA)
  9. Tilly Erikson (USA)
  10. Sarah Carter (France)
  11. Brandi Renee (USA)
  12. Marina Monastyrskaya (Russia)
  13. Kerri Friedman (USA)

Note: The 2019 OG Pole Fitness at Olympia will be held September 13 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. This will be followed in November by the OG Pole Fitness at Legion, held in Long Beach, California as part of the Legion Sports Fest. To learn more visit OGPole.com.


  1. Pole and Performing Art

    Wow this sounds amazing. What a privilege to get sponsors such as this. Way to go pole community !!! Getting more press and understanding in our sport is essential for our growth and understanding by the public.